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Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the Aug. 22, 2002
issue of Workers World newspaper
Workers World on the WWW
By Leslie Feinberg
Gary Wilson may not hand you a print edition of this
newspaper at a weekly plant-gate distribution. He may not
have left the copy you are holding at a drop-off spot on
your campus or nearby coffee shop.
But Wilson is instrumental in getting issues of Workers
World out to tens of thousands of readers each week in
"roadside" distributions on the information highway. Gary
Wilson is our Web weaver for
Everyone on the staff of this newspaper is justifiably proud
of our Web site. Workers World newspaper is regularly read
online by about 100,000 people a month. And thousands more
get articles sent to them every week via e-mail.
The number of online readers from the United States and
around the globe soars, Wilson explains, "during times of
political crisis. That's when we get the most visitors to
the site.
"In the month right after Sept. 11, when Workers World was
almost the only source for a strong and consistent anti-
imperialist viewpoint, we got a million hits.
"Part of the reason for the worldwide popularity is the
strength of our international coverage, as well as our
unwavering support for the struggles of oppressed
nationalities, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
people." has blazed new trails in cyberspace.
Wilson recalls, "Workers World newspaper has been available
on the Internet, as far as I know, longer than any other
Marxist publication in the world. It's been available on the
Internet and through e-mail since the 1980s. And since the
advent of the World Wide Web in roughly 1993, it has been
available there, too."
The Internet allowed an exchange of single files, like
articles, but no graphics. But the birth of the World Wide
Web, mid-wifed by Internet browsers, added photos and other
forms of graphic art into the mix.
Log onto Today the site is vivid and colorful.
The content is powerful and effortless to access, thanks to
many, many hours of work bent over a keyboard in the glow of
a monitor.
"The site is quite searchable," Wilson emphasizes, "which
not all sites are. is highly ranked by both
Google and Yahoo. It is a popular site for left-wing news
and views."
And the search engine for articles from back issues of
Workers World is so easy to use, simply by typing in the
word or phrase or name you're looking for more information
about, that for many activists it has become the "communist
"The archives of WW back issues on the Web site go back to
1996," Wilson notes, "but it's a complete record of all
articles since 1998."
And those seeking writings by Workers World founder Sam
Marcy will find most of his books and all of his articles
dated from 1996-on at this cyber-site.
Workers World newspaper scored another first recently,
Wilson points out. "Our newspaper was the first publication
on the left that I know of to make the entire edition
available on the Internet in a PDF format." That means you
can access and download the entire issue of the newspaper
that looks just like the edition from the printer's presses:
articles, photos, captions, ads for upcoming protests and
new struggle publications.
"And that is currently the most popular feature on our Web
site," Wilson continues. "People from all over the world--
anywhere in the world--can get this week's issue of the
newspaper that way. Prior to this, the only way to see the
full printed edition with all the pictures and everything
was to get it mailed."
He notes that WW is "very popular in Turkey, Pakistan, South
Africa, China, Mexico, Spain and Japan. In those and other
countries, it would take an extremely long time--weeks,
sometimes months, for the print edition to get there. Not
only was the news outdated then, but you wouldn't get every
issue because some would get blocked or mysteriously
Today, "The PDF version is the way Workers World is read by
many around the world and printed out and distributed. For
example, there's a Marxist study group in South Africa that
prints out PDF copies of WW every week for discussion."
Some other unique aspects of this Web site include another
newly added feature: "We can accept subscription requests
for the printed edition and donations by credit card."
Now you can drop in and, with a click or two of your mouse,
buy a subscription as a gift for a friend or co-worker. You
can give a prisoner a gift subscription that will probably
be read by many; Workers World newspaper is passed from hand
to hand on cell tiers until it's tattered.
Most importantly, you can strike a blow for liberation by
donating your labor, in the form of donations, via this
secure Web site.
It's easy to help build cyber-circulation, too. Create an
automatic "signature line" on your e-mail: "Read Workers
World newspaper! Visit"
That way you can join Wilson, and other members and
supporters of WW newspaper, as organizers who are taking the
anti-capitalist movement to cyberspace.
- END -

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