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Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the Sept. 19, 2002
issue of Workers World newspaper


By Sarah Sloan
Washington, D.C.

In the days after a Sept. 4 news conference launched
organizing for the Oct. 26 National March on Washington,
volunteers had to be called in to help answer phones at the
ANSWER coalition's offices in Washington and New York while
the C-Span cable TV network broadcast and rebroadcast the
hour-and-a-half event.

The news conference featured former U.S. Attorney General
Ramsey Clark, who had just returned from Iraq, along with
representatives from a wide variety of anti-war, civil
rights and religious organizations announcing a call for a
National March in Washington and a joint action in San
Francisco to "Stop the War on Iraq Before it Starts."

By Sept. 8, the news conference had been broadcast four
times on C-Span 1 and 2--and volunteers had lost count of
the number of calls.

"It was definitely in the hundreds," said Ayn Kirkendall, a
16-year-old student intern with ANSWER--Act Now To Stop War
and End Racism. She said: "As soon as the show began airing,
the phones began ringing, and this continued throughout the
broadcast and after. Then we would check the voicemail and
find a number of messages equal or greater than the number
of people we had spoken to.

"Considering the amount of war propaganda propagated by the
Bush administration, I was very surprised that the calls
were overwhelmingly positive. Everybody wanted to come to
Washington, D.C., on Oct. 26. They weren't just calling to
express support--they plan to be in D.C. on Oct. 26, and to
be there with their friends, family and co-workers, who all
oppose the war."

Pam Parker, a research analyst and shop steward at Newspaper
Guild Local 32035 who regularly volunteers with ANSWER on
her evenings and weekends, said: "I've spoken with a retired
woman from South Carolina whose husband was killed in World
War II, who wants to come with her study group. I've
spoken to numerous women whose kids are in the military and
one who is in the Air Force reserves. I spoke to a man who
started the conversation by saying, 'I'm a retired senior
citizen--how do I get to D.C.?'

"I've spoken to college students and younger students,
including a few in middle school, from all over the South,
Midwest, East and West Coasts. I've spoken to people of all
ages, some of whom have been involved in many protests
before, some of whom have never protested a day in their

"We spoke to quite a number of people who want to set up
what we call Organizing Centers--this means they are serving
as a local contact for their area, helping to get the word
out and organizing transportation to D.C. Though they had
only found out about the march moments before and this is a
two-month organizing effort and commitment, they were so
committed to stopping the war that they agreed immediately.
Their organizing got off the ground a little while later
when we received calls from others in their area."


The Oct. 26 National March in Washington, D.C., and joint
action in San Francisco were initiated by groups including
the ANSWER Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, Muslim
American Society Freedom Foundation, Dorothy Day Catholic
Worker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Free Palestine Alliance,
Muslim Student Association, Partnership for Civil Justice-
LDEF, Mexico Solidarity Network, Nicaragua Network,
International Action Center, Kensington Welfare Rights
Union, Middle East Children's Alliance, Bayan USA-
International (Filipino community), and Korea Truth

Now endorsed by over 400 organizations and prominent
individuals, the Call to Action reads in part: "On Saturday,
October 26, 2002--the first anniversary of the signing of
the so-called Patriot Act--anti-war, civil rights, labor,
student and other forces are joining together to launch a
massive international mobilization in opposition to a new
war against the people of Iraq. Mass marches and rallies
will be held in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco in the
U.S., and in many other countries."

The organizers call on all those who oppose a new war in
Iraq to not only be there for the protest. They are asking
everyone to become organizers, help get the word out, raise
consciousness about the real U.S. motives and bring the
people they win over to D.C.

To read the Call to Action, endorse, find transportation
from your area, download the flyer and more, see, call 202-332-5757 or email for more information.

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