Manifestación urgente en EE.UU. contra la guerra el 14.09.02

Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the Sept. 12, 2002
issue of Workers World newspaper

SEPT. 14

By Nancy Mitchell
San Francisco

Anti-war activists, community groups and the labor movement
in the Bay Area are working to build an emergency march and
rally on Sept. 14 under the slogan: "No new war against

Since a call went out for national emergency actions to stop
the war before it starts, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter
of the International ANSWER coalition (Act Now to Stop War &
End Racism) has received many emails, phone calls and offers
of support. Similar protests are planned in Washington,
D.C., Los Angeles, Seattle and other cities.

The Bay Area labor movement has enthusiastically taken up
Sept. 14. Longshore union ILWU Local 10 is an initiator of
the protest. Several other unions and labor leaders have
endorsed, and the San Francisco Labor Council endorsed the
action and passed a resolution against a new war.

The Labor Council resolution recalled Bay Area labor's role
in stopping a new war against Iraq in 1998 and resolved to
"reaffirm and join the growing movement in opposition to any
U.S. war against Iraq." (For full text of the resolution,
see the Sept. 5 Workers World or ww/

The resolution linked the struggle against the war with the
ILWU's battle against the employers and government. As the
labor movement here gears up to help defend the ILWU in its
intensifying struggle against the Pacific maritime bosses
and the Bush administration's threats of military
intervention in the ports, all are acutely aware of the
negative effect that a new war would have, both on the
workers abroad and the struggles here at home.

Among the many other sponsors of the Sept. 14 San Francisco
march and rally are American Arab Anti-Discrimination
Committee; National Lawyers Guild-Bay Area Chapter; Rev.
Dorsey Blake; California Prison Focus; Sacramento Valley
Labor Committee for Peace & Justice; International Action
Center; Global Exchange; Kriss Worthington, Berkeley City
Council member; Committee for a New Colombia; Walter
Johnson, secretary-treasurer, S.F. Labor Council; Howard
Wallace, organizer, Health Care Workers, Local 250; Gloria
La Riva, President, Typographical Sector, N. Calif.
Mediaworkers, Local 39521; San Jose Peace Center; and many

In addition to opposing a new war on Iraq, the Sept. 14
protest is demanding: government hands off our unions;
defend civil rights and civil liberties; stop racist
scapegoating; money for jobs, health care, housing and
schools, not for war.

The Sept. 14 march will gather at UN Plaza at 11 a.m., and
march at 12 noon to Jefferson Square Park, Turk & Gough Sts.
For more information, call 415-821-6545.

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