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the following is snipped from: Thin it sooner, not later

"Both sides also agree on restricting dispersed camping, obliterating unnecessary roads and burning thousands of acres to remove dangerous forest fuels."

~"Both sides" is a little misleading: BOTH sides that are being INCLUDED in the debate are lobbies with little care for leaving a healthy planet to our grandchildren.  ENVIRONMENTALISTS are not included in this definition of "both."~

also from this site:

"Environmentalists heartily approve of the Forest Service's promise not to cut a single old-growth tree in the project. There are an estimated 40,000 old-growth ponderosa pines in the project area."

~The Forest Service has made a REGULAR practice of breaking such promises.  Didn't I tell you all weeks ago that there was an economic motive in all these "wild" fires.  'Tis the first time I have heard of a rash of ARSONS being referred to as "wild."

Also, I am betting no TRUE environmentalists were even consulted.  Incidentally, the above details ONE plan being considered among several.  To explore the others, click on the above link.~

also from said site:

"The Kachina Village Forest Health Project is the first major restoration effort launched by the Forest Service and supported by the 23-member Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership. The Forest Service says the communities are at high risk for wildfire."

~In all my years as an environmentalist, I have never heard of these groups.  In addition, this article - LIKE EVERY OTHER IN THE NEWSPAPERS (the entire journalistic profession seemingly wants more lumber) - spins the issue, again, onto WILD fires.  So far NO fire reported burning across the west has been deemed anything other than ARSON.~

the following is snipped from: Forest plan a battle Bush can win,1413,36%257E4624%257E815168%257E,00.html

"In his push to prevent Western wildfires by easing forest rules, President Bush may finally have found an environmental battle he can win, say observers on both sides of the debate over managing the nation's woodlands."

~Environmentalists have been replaced by a phantom opposition which is probably about as real as Al Qaeda.  Funny way of looking at GW's as he is not showing anything remotely resembling an environmental focus here.  Did the ENTIRE media just get really stupid or really, really greedy?~

the following is snipped from: Adopt-a-forest is new Bush plan,1299,DRMN_21_1343290,00.html

"President Bush will ask Coloradans to adopt a forest and clean out its brush and light timber, much as they now adopt stretches of highway to clean up litter."

~This is the first step toward privatization of our public lands, i.e. removal of such from democratic accountability.~

also from this site:

"If there are communities that want to volunteer to do some of the thinning, or if the tourism industry wants to volunteer to protect some of its investment, we are trying to build partnerships," she said. "There are all kinds of things that we might want to examine. When you get people involved in trying to solve a problem, they come up with solutions you never thought of."


If you, the reader, do not quite get my meaning you might want to check out the following links.~

Burning Agenda - The worst fire season in memory is being used for political purposes, Eugene Weekly

Wildfires and Salvage Logging - The Beschta Report, [PDF] edited by J. Boone Kauffman

Fight Fire With Logging?, MotherJones

Fighting Forests With Fire: A Soldier's Story Timothy Ingalsbee,
Ph.D. Director, Western Fire Ecology Center

Logging without limits isn't a solution to wildfires, Oregonian

Arson and "Salvage" Logging

The Truth about Logging and Wildfires

Oregon is burning

More on Oregon Fire

Dakota fire may be human-caused


Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2002 10:08 PM
Subject: [Revolutionary_Diary] Officials suspect arson in numerous Western wildfires

copied from

Officials suspect arson in numerous Western wildfires

By LINDA ASHTON of the Associated Press

NACHES, Wash. - Arson is suspected in about 20 wildfires, most of them started in the last two weeks, east of Mount Rainier, federal authorities said Friday.

"It's just a matter of time - if it continues, we'll have a major disaster," said Sonny O'Neal, supervisor for the Okanagon and Wenatchee national forests.

The largest of the wildfires, the 2,286-acre Oak Creek II fire, burned to within a mile of Tieton Middle School, 15 miles west of Yakima, before it was contained Aug. 16. There were no injuries or structures damaged in any of the blazes.

All of the fires have been in Yakima and Kittitas counties, and most of them have been in drainages along Washington 410, the east-west route across Chinook Pass, and U.S. 12, the east-west route across White Pass.

The suspicious fires probably date back about a month, but most have occurred in the last two weeks, said Paul Hart, a spokesman for the two national forests in central Washington.

As many as 12 fires appear to have been set in a single day, often in areas where people would not typically go, said Gary Berndt, a state Department of Natural Resources assistant regional manager for resource protection in Ellensburg.

Most have been set in the late evening or early morning, possibly with a cigarette lighter or other flaming material, Berndt and O'Neal said.

Two fires were started Friday. Both were snuffed quickly, burning less than an acre, as has been the case with most of the other fires.

Arson is suspected in some of the largest fires in the West this year. A Forest Service employee was charged with arson in the biggest wildfire in Colorado history. She has been fired.

In New Mexico, a federal Bureau of Indian Affairs forestry technician has been indicted in six fires started on or near the Mescalero Apache Reservation.

In Arizona, a contract firefighter is accused of starting a fire in dry grass on the Fort Apache Reservation that would merge with another blaze to become the largest wildfire in the state's history.

All three people have pleaded innocent to the charges.

Investigators believe one or possibly two people may be responsible for the central Washington fires, and the possibility that it could be a firefighter has not been ruled out, O'Neal said.

"We always think about that," he said.

An arson prevention task force has been formed to investigate the wildfires in Washington. Members include representatives of the DNR, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the fires, and a telephone has been set up.

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