Aspectos silenciados sobre de la realidad norteamericana

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Subject: [MLL] US Fascist Autocracy and Militarized Police State 

Comrade Thomas,

This is a previous article but thought it might interest you.

Dear Comrades,

   Lenin stated that one of the tasks of Soviet power is "To pay particulary
great attention to the development and strengthening of comradely discipline
among the working people and to stimulate their initiative and sense of
responsibility in every field.  This is the most important if not the sole
means of completely overcoming capitalism and the habits formed by the rule
of private ownership of the means of production.  This aim can be achieved
only by slow, persistent work to re-educate the masses..."  (The Basic Tasks
Of The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat In Russia)

   In his "Proletarian Revolution And Renegade Kautsky," Lenin said
that"...a revolutionary Marxist differs from the philistine and petty
bourgeois by his ability to preach to the uneducated masses that the
maturing revolution is necessary, to prove that it is inevitable, to explain
its benefits to the people, and to prepare the proletariat and all the
working and exploited people for it."

   Then, in Lenin's, "The State and Revolution," he states that "A standing
army and police are the chief instruments of state power."  Lenin also
states "That the state is an organ of the rule of a definite class which
cannot be reconciled with its antipode (the class opposite to it) is
something the petty-bourgeois democrats will never be able to understand."

   In my recent posting of "Dead Revolutionaries - Secrets of The Real
Terrorists" I alluded to the fact that the militant movement of the
1960-1970's was destroyed by the political police as a result of a lack of
knowledge about the capabilities, strategy and tactics of the political
police against them.  They shrugged off the need for knowledge as to the
reality of the bourgeoisie's methods of "maintaining the existing social and
political order" as "paranoia."

   Many of the progressive leftists believed that capitalism could be
reformed, and still maintain that notion, if they exercised their
constitutional rights of "free speech and assembly to redress grievances"
capitalism will reform itself. In this uneducated and backward course of
action, those that were not killed, learned the reality of Lenin's words
that "The attempt to take up a middle position and to 'reconcile' the
proletariat with the bourgeoisie is sheer stupidity and doomed to miserable
failure." (Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky)

   The mistake of the 60-70's militants was their failure to understand the
nature of bourgeois democracy and its class distinctions.  As a result of
their failure to possess the knowledge...of the reality of
bourgeois democracy - an entire generation of potential revolutionaries was
undermined and destroyed. It is because of this that the backward masses in
the US cannot understand the nature of the recent terrorist attacks and ask,
"Why do these people hate us?"

   The very same mistakes are being committed once again by the "new
militancy" of progressive leftists who "take up a middle position" and
believe that all we need to do is "reform" capitalism by stopping
"globalization."  They again fail to understand the nature of bourgeois
democracy and its class distinctions.  They fail to understand that
"constitutional rights" do not apply to them but only the bourgeoisie whose
only agenda is to protect their capital interests by subverting the feable
illusion of "constitutional rights."  In order to break our bonds of
wage-slavery we must educate ourselves with the knowledge of our capitalist
enemies which validates Marxism-Leninism as the only scientific
revolutionary theory capable of providing real democracy for the exploited
masses the world over.

                  "Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave."

   It was the COINTEL program that gave birth to one of the most repressive
programs in the US today known as GARDEN PLOT.

   Since 1980, under Ronald Reagan, the activities of the police SWAT
paramilitaries has grown 500% according to the "Militarizing American
Police: The Rise and Normalization of Paramilitary Units," Social Problems,
Vol 44 #1, 2/97.

   This growth of fascist police militarization began in the 1960's with the
first paramilitary team being organized by Los Angeles Police Commissioner
Daryl Gates.  Other cities soon followed this example as a response to the
civil disturbances in the 60-70's.

   Then Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs" gave the new pretext for
state-sponsored violence as he allowed illegal amendments to the Posse
Comitatus Act to be signed into law.  These amendments gave authority to the
military to engage in civil law enforcement - a direct violation of
constitutional law.

   The Clinton administration has augmented the Pentagon's role approved by
Reagan and is now being given enthusiastic approval by the Executioner - GW
Bush.  A part of this role is the suppression of undocumented immigrants
into the US.  This role, however, serves also as one of the newest pretexts
for the escalation of a militarized police state.  The newest pretext for
this role is that of the so-called "terrorist attacks."  Both of these
pretexts are by design of the bourgeoisie to usurp constitutional law and
provide for the military to become an extension of domestic law enforcement.
It is a design to condition the working-class of blind acceptance for the
fascist rule of law in the "New World Order."

   Mary Cheh, who is a constitutional and national security specialist at
George Washington University School of Law believes that "We can easily
become too comfortable with the integration between the Army and law
enforcement...It starts slowly and imperceptibly, but before you know it,
there's very little difference between the two.  And that's dangerous."

   In July 1964, Rochester, NY exploded into mass protests because of the
violence perpetuated by white cops against the black community.  In order to
preserve the "existing social and political order" of the bourgeoisie, 1500
National Guardsmen were called in to protect their social and political
order of class democracy.

   President Johnson, shortly thereafter directed the FBI to train local
police departments in riot control. By the middle of 1967, 70,000 officials
were receiving this training.  On July 29, 1967 Johnson signed Executive
Order 11365 which created the National Advisory Commission on Civil
Disorder.  We know this as the Kerner Commission which was to conduct a
report that followed right after domestic distrubance in Detroit, Michigan
were 43 people were killed, hundreds wounded and over 5,000 left homeless.

   This report established the fact that there is a severe class antagonism,
an "antipode" in the US - bourgeoisie vs. working-class.  These so-called
riots of 1967-1968 were and still are the epitomy of social and class
conflict that is sparked by the same trigger of an unequal distribution of
wealth and power...poverty capped off by police brutality - white on black
crime.  This report stated "...we live in two increasingly separate
Americas" with "More than 160 disorders occurred in some 128 American cities
in the first nine months of 1967."

   The Kerner Commission was tasked by the E.O. to investigate the "the
origins of the recent major civil disorders and the 'influence', if any, of
organizations or individuals dedicated to the encitement or encouragement of
violence."  The report was to give 3 recommendations of "short term measures
to prevent riots, better measures to contain riots once they begin and long
term measures to eliminate riots in the future."  In other words, the
bourgeoisie was interested in "maintaining the existing social and political
order" and not concerned with the reasons for threats to their order of
class democracy.
   It is clear that the Kerner Commission representing the bourgeois class
against its "antipode" of the working-class was not at all concerned with
the poverty and substandard living conditions of the people.  Its concern
was whether social disorders were "influenced" by "organizations or
individuals" - "terrorists" as they are now called today!

   It is also clear that the Kerner Commission laid the ground-work for the
manifestation of a massive military/police counterinsurgency policy that is
overtly repressing US citizens.  Commission Deputy Executive Director Victor
H. Palmieri "described the process as a war strategy."

   The militaristic mindset of this commission is further seen by the fact
that out of 200 consultants to the commission, 1/4 were police chiefs.  30
police departments were represented as well as numerous other police
organizations to include the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration that
finances the SWAT program.

   One of the major consultants was Anthony Downs who stated that "it would
be far cheaper to repress future large-scale urban violence through police
and military action than to pay for effective programs against remaining
poverty."  Downs wrote chapters 16 and 17 of the report which deals with
"housing."  His solution is "deliberate dispersal policies" that will
"disperse the urban poor more effectively."  His recommendation is for the
"spatial deconcentration" and the "adequate outmigration of the poor" from
the cities!!!

   The commission was also represented by 12 military generals and the
"Director of Investigations" was an assistant general council of the
treasury and also was connected to the CIA.

   This report, a hypocritical "study" by the bourgeoisie of "civil
disorders" directly recommended a military role in domestic affairs.  The
Army Task Force that helped the Kerner Commission then issued its own report
in 1968.

   According to New Times Magazine "...Military Intelligence - working with
the FBI, local, county and state police forces - undertook a massive
domestic intelligence gathering operation...Contingency plans, called
planning packets, were prepared for every city in the country that had a
potential for student, minority or labor unrest."

   By June 1968, the Army Task Force changed to the Directorate of Military
Support with an office in the basement of the Pentagon.  It had become
"Better known as the domestic war room, the Directorate had 150 officials to
carry out around-the-clock monitoring of civil disorders, as well as to
oversee federal troop deployments when necessary.  At the cost of$2.7
million, this massive directorate also developed policy advise for the
secretary of the Army on all disturbances and maintained intelligence
packets on all major U.S. cities."

   In 1971, a Subcommittee on Constituitonal Rights "revealed that Military
Intellegence had established an intricate surveillance system covering
hundreds of thousands of American citizens. Committee staff members had seen
a master plan - garden Plot - that gave an eagle eye view of the
Army-National Guard police strategy."
   "At first, the Garden Plot exercises focused primarily on racial
conflict.  But beginning in 1970, the scenarios took a different twist.  The
joint teams made up of cops, soldiers and spies, began practicing battle
with large groups of protestors. California under the leadership of Ronald
Reagan, was among the most enthusiastic participants in Garden Plot war
   "Garden Plot evolved into a series of annual training
exercises...Participants in the exercises included key officials from all
law enforcement agencies in the nation, as well as the National Guard, the
military, and representatives of the intelligence community...According to
the plan, joint teams would react to a variety of scenarios based on
information gathered through political espionage and informants.  The object
was to quell urban unrest."  (Blueprint for Tyranny, 8/95, Goldberg and

   It becomes increasingly clear that the bourgeoisie has only one interest
which is "maintaining the existing social and political order" at the
expense of the working-class.  What is just as clear is that the bourgeoisie
will violate and circumvent constitutional laws to serve this purpose - even
at the expense of killing their own citizens and using this "collateral
damage" as a pretext to consolidate their fascist rule of law.

   The recent events of the so-called "terrorist attacks" is nothing more
than a demagogic illusion of their fascist policies disguised as a concern
for the peoples "rights" and "democracy."  These "terrorist attacks" are
designs by the bourgeoisie to militarize the US social and political system
of bourgeois class democracy and to suppress the domestic rebellion of the
exploited and oppressed working-class.

   Since 1968, the bourgeoise has spent millions of dollars towards this
fascist end which is outlined in the US Army's "Depratment of Defense Civil
Disturbance Plan 55-2, Garden Plot."  It is the purpose of a militarized
police state to counterpose the aims of social justice movements in the US.
These counterinsurgency tactics of the bourgeoisie are based on the idea
that progressive movements are a threat to their social and political order
and therefore contain an enemy...terrorists...that must be fought by the
military within the borders of the US.

   Garden Plot begins by stating that "Civil disturbances requiring
intervention with military forces may occur simultaneously in any of the 50
states, District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, U.S. possessions
and territories..."  In 10 USC 332, it is a "presidential executive order"
that "will authorize and direct the Secretary of Defense to use the Armed
Forces of the United States to restore law and order." According to the
bourgeoisie, we no longer need Congress as the President has just usurped
its authority and placed "constitutional authority" into the hands of his

It is the military who has the primary responsibility "to suppress rebellion
whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations,
or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States..."
The USC 333 states that the military can intervene "when insurrection,
domestic violence, unlawful combinations, or conspiracies in a state so
hinder or obstruct the execution of the laws as to deprive individiuals of
their constitutional rights, priveleges, and imunities..."  Herein lies the
demagogy of bourgeois class democracy.  Not only is it demagogy but double
demagogy!  This is the same hypocritical rhetoric the bourgeoisie is now
conditioning the working-class with as a result of the so-called "terrorist
attacks."  They are offereing us their guarantee of protection, but at what

   The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, in part, states that
"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to
dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another...a
decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare
the causes which impel them to separation."

   This part of the Preamble is in line with the 1st Amendment of the
Constituion that declares, "Congress shall make no laws respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or
abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
to peacefully assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of
grievances."  Herein is the usurpation of constitutional process of
legislation and the demagogy of the bourgeoise.  The Congress has not passed
the illegal laws circumventing constitutional law.  It is the President that
has usurped this authority by making himself and US "democracy" an
autocratic dictatorship!

   The bourgeoisie has effectively conditioned the American working-class
into thinking that we have the constitutional rights of free speech,
assembly and to redress grievances against the governement. Yet, under
Garden Plot our constitutional rights are stripped away and for those who
seek to exercise these illusionary rights - they will be met with

   The Declaration of Independence also states "That whenever any form of
government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people
to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government..."  It continues
to say that "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations...evinces a
design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is
their duty, to throw of such government, and to provide new guards for their
future security."

   We are told we have the right to free speech, to assemble, to redress
grievances and that if they are not heard...then we have not only the right,
but the duty, to rebell and abolish a despotic government such as we have
today in the US!  These are the rights we "think" we have but if we act on
them then the bourgeoisie says we are acting contrary to our rights and must
be protected from ourselves from abusing them!  According to the
bourgeoisie, our freedom of speech becomes inflammatory; our right to
assemble and redress grievances is seen as insurrection, civil disobedience
and civil disturbance.

   According to Garden Plot it specifically targets those "disruptive
elements, extremists or dissidents perpetrating civil disorder."  It also
states that U.S. Army and Marine Corps units designated for civil
disturbance operations will be trained, equipped and maintained in readiness
for rapid deployment with 10 brigades, prepared for rapid deployment
anywhere in CONUS (Continental United States).  A quick reaction force (QRF)
will be considered on a 24-hour alert status and capable of attaining a
CIDCON (Civil Disturbance Condition) in 12 hours.

   It becomes clear that the bourgeoisie has no concern for law except as to
how it serves their purposes of "maintaing the existing social and political

   In February 4, 1994, Defense Secretary William Perry signed into law
"Department of Defense Directive 3025.12, Military Assistance for Civil
Disturbances (MACDIS).  It states that, once again, not Congress but the
President is authorized to suppress insurrections, rebellions, and domestic

   According to MACDIS, the "Army and Air National Guard forces have primary
responsibility for providing military assistance to state and local
governments in civil disturbances."

   The Reagan administration's contributions for the militarization of
domestic law enforcement also included the Military Cooperation with
Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Act and the Department of Defense
Directive 5525.5, DoD Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Officials
which states "it is DoD policy to cooperate with civilian law enforcement
officials to the extent practical...consistent with the needs of national
security and military preparedness."

   It is the "United States Army Field Manual 19-15, Civil Disturbances,"
11/85 that details the "guidance for the commander and his staff in
preparing for and providing assistance to civil authorities in civil
disturbance control operations."  It begins by stating "the DA Civil
Disturbance Plan, known as Garden Plot, provides guidance to all DoD
components in planning civil disturbance missions." It has 13 chapters that
cover in-depth, every imaginable aspect of military "tasks and techniques
employed to control civil disturbances and neutralize special threats."

   What is even more amazing though is the fact that this Army FM identifies
the correct class antogonisms that cause the "civil disturbances."  The FM
states that they are caused by "political grievances" and "urban economic
conflicts" or "agents of foreign nations" but mostly, "urban conflicts and
community unrest arise from highly emotional social and economic issues."

   The FM further points out that "economically deprived inner-city
residents may perceive themselves treated unjustly or ignored by the people
in power."

   Although the bourgeoisie's praetorian guard seems to recognize the class
antagonism's as to being the basic nature of "civil disturbance," the
military's guided response is repression.  The FM gives the answer to
economic and political inequalities in the form of bullets and repressive
laws.  It states that when control forces" resort to "forceful measures"
they have the option of weapons from "the M234, which is a nondeadly force
measure, to the machine gun, which is the most deadly force measure."  It
further states that "machine guns, 7.62 mm and below, may accompany units on
civil disturbance missions."  Also included, "the riot shotgun is an
extremely versatile weapon.  Its appearance and capability have a strong
psychological effect on rioters."

   The recent "terrorist attacks" are not the result of "agents of foreign
nations" but are in fact the result of the bourgeoisie and their agents who
staged the attacks to draw the world's attention away from them to bin Laden
and Saddam Hussein.

   Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Saddam are all creations of the CIA and
it is  in the interests of the capitalists to scapegoat these individuals as
the terrorists responsible for the atttacks.  The attacks in NY were
prepetrated by the same state terrorists who are now bombing Afghanistan
with the sole purpose to overthrow the Taliban in order to create a proxy
government that will serve the oil interests of the US capitalists led by
the Executioner GW Bush.

   The "terrorist attacks" in NY were the smokescreen and casus belli of the
US bourgeoisie to hide their criminal and cold-blooded murder of their own
citizens to whip up a war hysteria among the working-class and at the same
time create the fear and insecurity necessary to instill martial rule in the
US.  This pretense is the required cultivation of overt, classical fascism
needed to "maintaining the existing social and political order" of moribund

   As revolutionary Marxist-Leninists, we must no longer be content to "take
up a middle position."  We must distinguish ourselves "from the philistine
and petty bourgeois" by our "ability to preach to the uneducated massess
that the maturing revolution is necessary."  Our task is to prove that it is
inevitable."  We must do this by revealing that the US form of class
democracy is based on the the fact that the state is an organ of the rule of
a definite class which cannot be reconciled with its antipode" which is the

   We must reveal that the recent "terrorist attacks" are the natural result
of capitalism and that "A standing army and police are the chief instruments
of state power."  We must "explain" the need for proletarian revolution and
"its benefits to the people, and to prepare the proletariat and all the
working and exploited people for it."

   We must "pay particularly great attention to the development and
strengthening of comradely discipline among the working people and to
stimulate their initiative and sense of responsibility in every field. This
is the most important if not the sole means of completely overcoming
capitalism" and its "habits."  This aim can be achieved only by slow,
persistent work to re-educate the masses."

   This task of education the masses, "to preach, to prove, to explain and
to prepare" the masses can only be accomplished if we do not, as their
vanguard, "take a middle position" of political and ideological complaceny.
It can only be accomplished if we, as "revolutionary Marxists" identify with
the masses in their struggle against the "good and evil" US "New World
Order" of fascism.

   To do this, we must "pay great attention to the development and
strengthening of comradely discipline" not only of the working people but
true, genuine revolutionary Marxist-Leninists.  We must as Lenin say
"separate the tares from the wheat," we must not play at revolution with
amateurs and opportunists who only seek to sqander away our time from the
real struggle along side the proletariat in order to halt the forward
progress of proletarian revolution.

   We must embrace the discipline, initiative and sense of responsibility
found only in professional revolutionaries engaged in the struggle with the
masses - not apart from them.

Fraternally   M.S.

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