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Título: Take action on the International Day Against DRM this September 18th- Enlace 1

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Take action on the International Day Against DRM this September 18th

Join the Defective by Design (DbD) crew and celebrate International Day Against DRM (IDAD) this September 18th!

Imagine a world without DRM

For 12 years, we've celebrated IDAD -- making, organizing, protesting, and taking
action to support the demolition of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) -- and 2018 is no different! This year we will continue the fight against
DRM and celebrate the work of activists, artists, and technologists
who create DRM-free media and technology. You can read more about past IDADs online.

For IDAD 2018, we want to demonstrate how great life without DRM can be -- and how pervasive DRM is. Join the Defective by Design coalition this Tuesday, September
as we go a day without using DRM.

Join us and challenge yourself and those around you
to a Day Without DRM.

How to participate

IDAD 2018 is your opportunity to tell others why you resist DRM,
and convince them to join you.

We know that as members of the DRM Elimination Crew, you already use
less DRM than anyone else, and many of you none at all. Take this day as an opportunity to tell everyone else what they should be avoiding and to share your experiences. Together, we can send a powerful message: DRM's days are numbered.

Before September 18th, we'll be publishing a guide to help you plan
your Day Without DRM. It will help you identify some less (and more)
well-known places you may encounter DRM, better choices you can make
throughout the day, and options for games, music, and other media to

There are lots of other ways to participate -- as individuals or groups, online or in-person. Details, ideas, and information will be coming in the next few weeks.

We'll be using the hashtag #IDAD.

Want to help others keep up-to-date with IDAD news? You can share the
mailing list
with them at DefectiveByDesign.org.

Are you an organization or project interested in supporting IDAD?

We're looking for vendors of DRM-free media, organizations that
support the building of a DRM-free world, and those who believe in the
mission of DbD to participate by offering sales, writing blog posts,
organizing events, and sharing with your members about IDAD. Please
contact us at info@defectivebydesign.org for more information.

Together we can build a future without DRM.

Want to support Defective by Design? You can make a donation or
join the Free Software Foundation as an associate member.

Photo of protester by Karen Rustad Tölva CC-BY 2.0